Daily maintenance of induction heating equipment

With induction heating equipment of number increasingly increased, on this class equipment of maintenance knowledge understand of not in place, so led to has is small problem, today for everyone detailed of described about it of daily maintenance problem, everyone must to see Oh, we with of equipment and we himself of body as, cannot long time of clock, in work of while must to note rest, such to guarantee has enough of energy to work, and learning and life, nonsense not more said, small series summary has points daily maintenance of knowledge, hope it has you has help:
, Regular maintenance device:
Regular maintenance fastening bolts and primary contacts of the various components, if its loose or poor contact phenomena, modifications in a timely manner to replace, not barely used, so as not to cause a major accident.
Second, periodically check the load wiring is in good condition:
Whether high-frequency, intermediate frequency or ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment, regularly check Induction coil contacts on a regular basis, in particular-frequency inductive heating of Induction coil, it accumulates oxide in time to clean up, heat insulation lining cracks must be promptly replaced, be sure to carefully observe, encounter any problems finding processing in a timely manner.
Third, regular cleaning of dirt in the supply cabinet:
Components within the integrated Office, after a period of time, dust contaminated by through the slit to the component surface must be cleaned regularly to prevent failure;
Four, periodically check water pipe head:
Under normal circumstances, we will advise the user to use pure water as cooling water, but many users around the different conditions of water used is different, if you use tap water or well water as cooling water scaling of devices can be easily, so long without cleaning, cooling effect, Dong would affect the cooling water of life, aging, change in time.