Frequency furnace of medium frequency induction furnace and what's the difference?

Induction furnace and medium-frequency induction furnace with the following differences:
1, and if furnace power density larger, productivity high. that in same mixing force, same capacity situation Xia, if furnace can entered 3 times times Yu workers frequency furnace of power, in other words, same power if furnace Crucible size only for workers frequency furnace Crucible size of one-third. in larger stove in the, due to induction device line up current and voltage of effect, if furnace entered power about for workers frequency furnace entered power of two land. so if furnace average power consumption more workers frequency furnace low.
2, medium frequency induction furnace melting furnace when empty, easy to replace metal, melting fast, no need to melt, easy to use. and power frequency induction furnace you need some molten iron, used for furnace 4 under-used, or to use a starting block.
3, under the same conditions of productivity, small selection of intermediate frequency furnace capacity, so the area is small, less material consumption, low running cost
4, intermediate frequency furnace operation and high reliability and equipment utilization.
5, and if furnace and workers frequency furnace compared mixing force small, metal on lining scour small, lining life long. in recent years, with can control Silicon if power technology of development, large high power if melting furnace get more fast to development, has for more and more of user by used, has gradually replaced small and medium workers frequency furnace of trend. now on workers frequency furnace and if furnace of energy for compared and analysis, provides necessary of technology data as feasibility analysis and programme select of reference