Intermediate frequency electric furnace plant maintenance requirements and operational concept

For all machinery and equipment, we are subject to regular maintenance and maintenance of equipment, in order to better work performance, and achieve maximum efficiency.

Periodically clear the dust in the supply Cabinet, especially Silicon-core exterior, wipe with alcohol to clean! Run converter generally have private rooms, but the actual work environment is not ideal! melting forging process, lots of dust, strong vibration; Medium frequency furnace Thermal hardening process, the device near equipment such as pickling and phosphorization, a larger number of corrosive gas, these are elements to damage to the unit, reducing the dielectric strength of the device; When there are in the dust, surface discharge phenomena often occur, it is necessary to note frequent cleaning to prevent failure.

To test for the intermediate frequency electric furnace is rated for voltage, current, this periodic detection control circuit does not work properly.

Intermediate frequency electric devices for maintenance on a regular basis, check all nuts and bolts directly to device, fastening of contactor relay contact whether loose or poor contact, shall be repaired in a timely manner to replace, not strong, to prevent more accidents.

Regularly check whether the intermediate frequency electric furnace water pipe joint tie firmly, using tap water as cooling water of the device, easy to scale accumulation, cooling effect, when plastic pipes crack in aging should be timely replacement of medium-frequency electric furnace installation, run in the summer, using tap water cooling is often prone to condensation, and should consider the use of circulating water system, condensation seriously should stop running.

Regularly check load wiring is good insulation reliability.

Intermediate frequency electric furnace operators must always be viewed in each cooling circuit water flow and water pressure in a normal working condition. Regularly to fasten each of the parts are connected by bolts, nuts, to avoid the occurrence of poor contact. If otherwise it is easy to be a reflection of bad parts. But also the planning and the use of water in the cooling system pump and hydraulic motor for regular maintenance, and regularly cleaning the liquid. Doing so to ensure that the intermediate frequency electric furnace used in normal situations.

Good for intermediate frequency electric furnace for regular care, such maintenance is the key to increase the life of intermediate frequency electric furnace, and is an important prerequisite to ensure operator safety. As the entire working environment is a medium frequency electric furnace at high temperature and pressure conditions and strong currents, so be sure to place intermediate frequency electric furnace room for periodic cleaning and cleaning.