Objective advantages and disadvantages of treatment resistance furnace high temperature furnace industry

The development of industrial technology, making the industry began to discard the traditional equipment, development of fuel-fired furnace in the traditional industry has been gradually replaced by electric. With the development of industrial electric resistance furnace is also increasingly wide range of applications, now resistance furnace equipment has not been used in chemical, metallurgical and other industrial areas of production, has also been extended to the family, medicine and other fields, making resistance furnace industry developed rapidly.

Due to resistance furnace equipment faster than traditional fuel furnace, high temperature, easy to control, so the easy formation of mechanization and automation of the production process in the production model. Nowadays, we have rarely seen in the market drive fuel furnace, most of the equipment has been replaced by a more appropriate market development of electric resistance furnace.

Industrial development of key equipment selection is very important, "Twelve-Five," since the implementation of planning, companies have to look into the environmental protection strategy. Compared to traditional fuels and furnaces, resistance furnace equipment operating performance is good but the key is not only small, at this stage, all promoting the development of environmental protection industry devices usher in broad prospects for development.

Everything has two sides, resistance furnace equipment is enough to replace traditional fuel-fired furnace in the new industrial equipment, but itself there are various kinds of defects. Resistance furnace while environmentally-friendly electricity cost is higher, if resistance furnace for industrial manufacturing for a long time will certainly increase the cost of power distribution equipment, thereby increasing the production costs of equipment, if we can solve the problem of high cost of electricity, electric resistance will become one of the industry's best equipment.