Proper use of intermediate frequency furnace to energy saving and consumption reducing

If furnace is now using more equipment, widely used in non-ferrous metal and ferrous metal smelting. In today's energy saving and environmental protection in the development of social, energy crisis, only to win wide application of energy conservation and environmental protection equipment. The correct use of intermediate frequency furnace can reduce energy consumption, to do the following.

1, in general than the slow cooker electricity saving of intermediate frequency heating furnace. Same equipment fast than slow power-saving, note also that the timing of feeding and density and the size, and so on, only meets both of these requirements in order to achieve the best energy saving.

2, intermediate frequency furnace charging required taking into account current meter, to make power, as much as possible to make medium-frequency power supply maximum output power.

3, in order to control the temperature, do not let the furnace temperature too high or excessive local, so bad for electricity consumption, lining, a good furnace workers can achieve both energy-saving and high efficiency.

4, choosing the right medium-frequency power supply equipment. If furnace is bigger than little may increase power consumption, equal to the saving of intermediate frequency furnace, as fast medium frequency induction furnace power, high speed low voltage power. Casting time is best controlled at 5-10 minutes.

5, select device to select a relatively high cost of the device, do not use inferior products, some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, cut corners, low price competition, so material, the greater the worse loss of equipment.

6, input line is not available, must be big enough, or long-term losses is appalling.

7, form good habits of power, power as much as possible and reducing insulation or baking time. Loss of power when under low power factor.

8, a scientific oven. Ovens, induction loop should be cooling down (normal flow of one-third), it is best to intermittent water supply, keeping water temperatures above 55 degrees in order to facilitate the smooth discharge of water vapor, which can shorten the baking time.

Anyway is to master the correct method to use, pay attention to detail, and understand how it works, proper operation and maintenance, it can effectively reduce energy consumption.