Safe operation of intermediate frequency inductive stove the right way to resolve

If furnace is an apparatus for casting forging and hot working, by frequency conversion devices, furnace and furnace parts such as control, by three-phase power frequency alternating current into direct current, via medium-frequency alternating current of the inverter output as a single conversion, based on the principle of electromagnetic induction heat treatment of metals. But in order to ensure the high efficiency of medium frequency induction furnace, which is necessary for safe operation.

Considerations for a front, open

If furnace in open furnace Qian will need on electrical equipment, and water cooling system, and induction device copper tube, for check, only in this several equipment intact of situation Xia to open furnace, ensure heat treatment of security, or ban open furnace; determine specifically is responsible for transmission and open furnace of personnel, and is responsible for personnel shall not unauthorized left post, work during required on induction device and crucible of external situation for regulatory, to prevent was in transmission Hou touch touch induction device and cable, effect if furnace of normal job or occurred security accident.

Second, after start-up considerations

After the furnace of medium frequency furnace, at the time of loading, it shall check the charge, avoid mixing with flammable hazardous materials. To prevent knot cover phenomenon of appeared, is strictly prohibited in steel liquid in the directly joined cold material and wet material, and in melting liquid full to upper Hou shall not joined volume larger of block material; for avoid appeared explosion accident, required ensure pouring site and furnace Qian to pit no water, no obstacles real; and in for pouring Shi needed two people tie for, and remaining of steel liquid only pour in developed locations, cannot everywhere mess pour.

Three considerations, maintenance

In the maintenance of medium-frequency electric furnace, medium-frequency generator room should be maintained clean, non-flammable and explosive goods pile up. Repair the excessive melting furnace, furnace to avoid iron supplementation, iron oxide mixed with, ensure the density of crucible.