Technology should be heated with sense what are the advantages?

With the improvement of technology and innovation, manner and type of heating is also increasing, the different heating modes have different characteristics, so the heating method in the new age, and traditional resistance heating with induction heating, exactly what are the advantages?

1. energy efficiency: energy delivery to work more, reduce heating time and improving efficiency. Have flexible and quick installation of the Induction coil coil, better and faster installation process you can adjust the frequency and better meet the preheating before welding and post weld heat treatment. Special design requirements such as stress.

2. air cooled design: avoiding the low ambient temperature, water cannot be achieved for the inconvenience.

3. improvement of working environment: reduce the occurrence of safety accidents, welders not exposed to light a fire environment, or resistance heating will not result in high temperatures, does not produce any gas or other substances, significantly improved the work environment.

4. multiple heating mode and thermocouple control: multi monitor, but in the heat of the heating control, control most of thermocouple cold when frozen, to ensure product quality. Tell online dynamic detect current sensing technology, to achieve a sound system of detection and real-time protection.

5. the use of new type high temperature resistant materials, maximum temperature 1200 ℃, ensure the heat treatment process for heat treatment after welding work to achieve the requirements.

6. the heat treatment temperature measuring points must be accurate and reliable, with automatic temperature recording.

7. using the temperature recorder, record and automatically generate the process of heating the entire heating curve.