The daily failure reason and handling method of high temperature resistance furnace

High temperature resistance furnace in industrial heat treatment used more widely, it is also important in the high-temperature test equipment in the laboratory, in the application process requires a certain degree of fault diagnosis method to test or the efficiency of production can be quickly and effectively, here are several common causes of failure in daily use, as well as treatment methods:

High temperature resistance furnace thermocouple reversed: replacement of the polarity of the thermocouple output leads;

Broken wire for high temperature resistance furnace: furnace load line no or poor contact, furnace wire broken or solid state relay burned out;

High temperature resistance furnace thermocouples: thermocouples missed or bad contact, thermocouples circuit damage;

High temperature resistance loss of communication: serial line no or poor contact, serial lead internal circuit damage or circuit and software failures;

High temperature resistance furnace temperature too high: the internal oven temperature is too high (normal use the stove should not exceed 1000 ℃), solid state relays.

Industrial furnaces high voltage: AC voltage too high (normally 220V,50Hz), plus transformers and voltage regulators.