Dental Equipment Dental Raw Materials

Dental Equipment Dental raw materials

Only oral medical equipment is very hot, such as all kinds of jaws, dental chairs and other sales fun, especially dental raw materials, a full set of dental and other dental equipment was in short supply trend. This shows that despite the weak medical device market, but there are still bright spots. Experts point out that since HIV can survive in dentists' utensils, it is essential to advocate the use of disposable dental medical devices to reduce the route of transmission. At present, the international market has five major categories of more than 100 varieties of specifications of the one-time dental medical equipment: such as human protective barrier, Koubei, scalpels, transparent brackets, a variety of equipment, such as disk. Medical authorities believe that to step up research and development, promote the use of disposable dental medical equipment is imperative, and unlimited business opportunities. It is understood that the main cause of the oral appliance market is: in recent years, the increasing number of practitioners around the dental department, especially individual and private dental clinics, collective dental clinics continue to emerge, the streets of tooth extraction, fill teeth, drilling teeth of the individual dentists everywhere Is, and tooth extraction, dental fillings are increasing, registered, clinics often have to wait in line, thus greatly promoting the oral consumption of medical equipment increased. With the increase in people's income, living standards continue to improve, dental care, prevention and beauty more and more attention, sales boom from the city to the countryside, extending from the coast to the mainland.

 Oral medical device manufacturers with less, far from meeting the growing market demand, production and sales than other medical devices stable. Which Shanghai dental materials plant products with its full range, excellent quality, and marketing the country. In addition, the dental material from the commercial unit to the consumer between the larger difference, better profits, which is leading to oral use of medical equipment selling the main reason. Dental market conditions and the development of dental equipment dental materials, also known as oral materials, is to repair and replace defective teeth and dentition, prevention of oral care, as well as orthodontic teeth used in medical materials, its wide range, Divided into dental filling materials, denture repair materials, root canal application materials, orthodontic materials, oral materials and oral prevention and health care materials. Dental materials is a comprehensive material industry, including inorganic, organic, metal three categories of materials, with the application of medical polymer materials, dental materials in recent years has made great progress. At present, there are more than 100 domestic production of dental materials business. From the beginning of the seventeenth century the bow drill began, to the 18th century in the clockwork "Senmai" dental drill, the mid-19th century pedal drill machine came out, the middle experienced three hundred years of history. Early dental chair movements, steering are mechanical, very inconvenient to operate. At that time the configuration and function of the dental chair can only be used for tooth extraction and simple repair, dental caries treatment. Until today, individual remote areas are still using this machine ... ... the development of oral medicine, oral implantation of the progress and the future as a dental disease itself is basically not life of the disease, generally rarely let patients lose their ability to work and self- "Dental disease is not a disease" concept has long been deep into the subconscious of our people, natural dentistry is also ranked in the medical development sequence of the last one. This is bound to China's oral medicine and equipment development one of the important reasons. Modern oral implantation was made in 1966 by Professor Branemark of Sweden, who first applied titanium dental implants to clinical signs. Professor Branemark presented the concept of bone union. Bone union is a direct combination between a load-bearing implant and a living bone tissue. Oral implantation has been removed from the initial restoration of the traditional method difficult to repair the severe bone resorption of edentulous and free distal teeth missing to the development of today to repair all types of deletions, including single tooth loss, multiple tooth loss ... Oral equipment market share Market analysis and oral medical and equipment development direction.