Hot-rolled Quenched And Tempered Heat Treatment Using High-frequency Heating Equipment For Bar, The Quenching Temperature And Holding Time Should Be How To Choose?

Hot-rolled bar when using high-frequency heating device for quenching and tempering, and there are many factors affecting the effect of heat treatment such as quenching temperature and holding time and quenching, tempering temperature and holding time, tempers cooled and so on. Today, small series will give you all the hot-rolled bar induction quenching temperature and holding time should be how to choose.
Sub-eutectoid carbon steel and low alloy steel quenching temperature and holding time of choice, mainly based on induction heating rate and austenite grain size of steel, as described below.
(1) heating rate and temperature dependence of induction heating is rapid heating heating the steel to the austenitizing temperature above the critical point. To make the ingredients evenly and alloy of austenite element dissolves, requires higher-than-normal heating temperature. For purposes of hypoeutectoid, Ac3 rises with the increase velocity. More than ordinary heating quenching temperature to select Ac3 30-50. When using high-frequency heating equipment for induction heating quenching temperature with the heating speed increases, you should select in high temperature quenching, the following table gives the low-alloy structural steel bar induction heating quenching temperature range. It's just basic principles determine the hardening temperature. Its need for concrete steel with quenched treatment, requirements for mechanical properties.