How To Select IGBT Induction Heating Equipment

IGBT module is the core solid state induction heating equipment compared with the tube and SCR induction heating equipment of high-frequency equipment, energy saving and 10%-40%. With energy-saving environmental protection, processing of high quality, easy to operate, safe and reliable operation of such superiority, thus becoming the present small ideal metal heating heating mode. So how do we make the right choices IGBT for induction heating equipment?

Different frequency induction heating equipment, heating effects would be different, power, heating rate decisions, therefore, according to the workpiece heating requirements, select the right equipment is very important.
1, how to select the frequency
Induction heating equipment according to the different output frequencies can be broadly divided into: ultra high frequency, high frequency, ultrasonic frequency, medium frequency and so on. Different heating requirements needed at different frequencies, frequency selection errors cannot meet the heating requirements of heating time, low efficiency, uneven heating, temperature does not meet requirements, likely to cause damage to the workpiece.

2, how to choose the power
When you based on your job requirements, after you determine the frequency of the machine, the next step is to select the appropriate machine according to power. The greater power of the machine, heating it faster, but the price will increase, small power devices, low cost heat slowly.