Induction Heating Equipment Which Project Indicators Of Water Requirement?

Usually people use induction heating equipment for metals heat treatment, tends to ignore the importance of cooling water, mistakenly think that tap water on the line as long as it is clean, but that's not the case. Today, we'll look at using induction heating devices, which indicators should pay more attention to cooling water!

(L) the resistivity: If this value is low, then flows through the Induction coil, water-cooled cable rubber tube and oscillation tube anode cooling water leakage flow flow to the ground.

(2) PH value: from the corrosion protection effect, high PH (alkaline) is beneficial. When PH value >7,CaCO3 to the tube increases the amount of precipitation, this precipitation corrosion protection film role; >8 will rust; <6 corrosion on brass.
(3) total hardness, calcium and magnesium hardness, hardness: these values increase, result in increased wall attachment, thus reducing the thermal conductivity of copper pipe when temperature of the copper tube, scale will accelerate, will reduce the water section, reducing the flow of water.

(4) oxygen consumption: this value indicates the microbiological content, microbial for quite some time, tubes grow algae, can result in clogging of the tube and damage the instrument. When this value is high, it is necessary to sterilization.

(5) the chloride ion: this value is high, it will cause corrosion damage, to dissolve the copper tube, pipe corrosion. If this value is more than 50x10-6, it is necessary to use out of the device for refining.