Induction Heating Than Traditional Heating Methods With The Characteristics And Advantages

Than traditional heating mode (vacuum tube high frequency gas, gas furnaces, electric furnaces, coking coal) 3/4 energy saving and safe high voltage shock hazard-free, 24-hour continuous operation, no fire, greater compliance with fire safety regulations;
Quick heating: fastest heating rate of less than 1 second (speed control)
Heating range: heating all kinds of metal work (depending on the workpiece shape replacement removable Induction coil)
Easy installation: connect the power supply, Induction coil and water pipe use; small volume, light weight, very easy to use
Operation is simple: a few minutes to learn
Fast start: the water after power up to start heating
Power consumption: around than older equipment for vacuum tube high frequency power 70%, workpiece smaller less power consumption
Good effect: heat very evenly (also can be adjusted by the induction loop density, enable every part of the workpiece to obtain their desired temperature), heating up fast, less oxides, annealing without waste
Power adjustable: infinite adjustment output power
Protection: with over voltage, over current, over heat, lack of water, such as alarm indicator and automatic control and protection
Temperature control: set the heating time and the infrared thermometer, to control the temperature of the workpiece heating, so as to control the heating temperature on a technical point. Can also be based on the need to increase insulation features
High security: eliminated the nearly million-Volt high-voltage step-up transformer