Muffle Furnace The Classification And Precautions

  Muffle Furnace When the muffle furnace first use or long-term use after re-use, must be oven drying: 20 ~ 200 ℃ to open the door bake 2-3h, 200 ~ 600 ℃ closed bake 2-3h.

Muffle Furnace Before the experiment, the thermostat should avoid vibration, place the location and the furnace should not be too close to prevent overheating so that electronic components can not work properly. When moving the thermostat, turn off the power switch.

Before use, the thermostat transferred to the required operating temperature, open the boot code so that the muffle furnace power, then the ammeter has readings, temperature control table measured temperature gradually increased, said muffle furnace, thermostat are in normal jobs.

(A) the working environment requires non-flammable and explosive materials and corrosive gases, to prohibit the furnace directly into the various liquid and molten metal, often keep the furnace clean.

(B) the use of furnace temperature shall not exceed the maximum furnace temperature, nor at a rated temperature for a long time to work. During the course of the experiment, the user may not leave, pay attention to the temperature changes, such as abnormal circumstances, should immediately power, and by professional maintenance personnel overhaul.

(C) when using the door to light off the light to prevent damage to the parts. Crucible clamp to take samples when you take the light to ensure safety and to avoid damage to the furnace.

(D) do not open the door after the temperature exceeds 600 degrees. So the temperature inside the furnace after the natural cooling and then open the door.

(5) After the completion of the experiment, the sample exits the heating and turns off the power. When the sample is taken in the furnace, the oven should be slightly opened, and the sample should be carefully cooled and carefully taken to prevent burns.

(6) After heating the crucible should be transferred to the dryer cooling, placed on the buffer refractory, to prevent moisture absorption, crack, after weighing.

(7) handling muffle furnace, pay attention to avoid serious resonance, place away from flammable and explosive, water and other items. Do not lift the door, to avoid damage to the door.

 Muffle Furnace For muffle furnace classification, according to its heating element, rated temperature, and the controller of the different classification, see below:

1) According to the heating element distinction: electric furnace silk muffle furnace, silicon carbon rod muffle furnace, silicon molybdenum rod muffle furnace;

2) According to the rated temperature to distinguish the general divided into: 1000 ℃ following muffle furnace, 1000 ℃, 1200 ℃ muffle furnace, 1300 ℃, 1400 ℃ muffle furnace, 1600 ℃, 1700 ℃ muffle furnace. 1800 ° m muffle furnace.

3) According to the controller to distinguish the following: pointer table, ordinary digital display table, PID control control table, program control table; according to insulation materials to distinguish between: ordinary refractory bricks and ceramic fiber two.