Operation Of Induction Heating Equipment Should Pay Attention To What The Essentials!

The so-called induction heat treatment equipment refers to the generation of Eddy current electric heating by electromagnetic induction phenomenon, to heat the surface heating. Since this equipment compared to coal-fired boiler and other vintage equipment in unmatched production efficiency, low energy consumption and easy to automate production, energy saving, emissions reduction environment is also affected by a favourable control advantages, it is widely used.

Equipment generates an alternating electromagnetic field frequency, can be divided into the high frequency, medium frequency and power frequency three categories (high frequency frequency 30~500KHz; frequency 1~10KHz; industrial AC power frequency 50Hz). Induction heating equipment used in power supply voltage for 220~380V, but some devices internal voltages up to 10kV.
When using induction heat treatment equipment, must pay attention to high voltage electrical safety and electromagnetic radiation pollution problems. Safe operation of high-frequency induction heating equipment. Induction heating equipment operation be sure to watch the 4 main points:

1, before the work should close all the doors, door installed electrical interlocking devices, ensure the door has not been closed not before transmission. After high pressure closed, should not be to the activity, open the machine door is strictly prohibited.

2, must have more than two people to operate high frequency equipment, and head of operations. Wear insulated footwear, insulated gloves and other protective equipment.

3, the workpiece should be to remove burrs, iron and oil, or heating, easy arc phenomena with the sensors. ARC ARC of light can damage the eye, also easy to break sensors and damage the equipment.

4, the operator must be familiar with the operation of high frequency induction heating equipment, should be checked before starting the equipment cooling system is normal, normal rear transmission, and operate strictly according to the rules.