Spring Wire Induction Quenched And Tempered Heat Treatment Using High Frequency Induction Heating Power Supply Development

Heat treatment of spring steel wire products are mostly quenched, commonly referred to as oil quenching and tempering treatment. Oil quenching and tempering the wire for high strength and high elastic limit, increase stress-relaxation properties and fatigue strength of steel wire. Meanwhile, the wire has a good spring performance. Therefore, finished tempered spring steel wire heat treatment on the quality of the steel is of great significance. Now, more and more manufacturers are using high frequency induction heating power supply induction quenched and tempered heat treatment on spring steel wire, the effect is very good. Today, small series will give you all the Spring wire development of induction quenched and tempered heat treatment.
When the traditional spring steel quenching and tempering, of austenite of steel wire heating methods are used in the protective atmosphere without heating, narrow tube muffle furnace with protective atmosphere heat. This method of heating the surface oxidation and decarbonization of steel wire, because of slow heating, austenite grain coarsening easy and mixed grain, which after tempering steel wire surface quality and mechanical properties were affected. Therefore, traditional austenitic heat is difficult to get small grain size, the initial uniform austenite. After oil quenching, the status of such organizations is difficult to achieve the desired quenching, thereby reducing the mechanical properties of tempered steel wire. Oil quenching, tempering mostly lead bath traditional heat tempering (continuous production) or pit type tempering furnace. Due to the tempering temperature accurately controlled and tempered heating of poor tempering steel mechanical properties of homogeneity and stability, ultimately affecting performance and service life of the spring. Therefore, the traditional Spring wire oil quenching and tempering process can not meet the need of high quality Spring wire production, must be improved, the use of advanced methods to produce high-quality spring steel wire heat treatment.
In the 1980 of the 20th century Japan has been developed, using induction heating tempering method to produce carbon spring steel and low-alloy steel wires. This process of steel wire surface oxidation and decarburization, steel wire's mechanical properties, spring performance and performance is superior to conventional heating oil hardened and tempered steel. Now Japan remains the quality of the advanced level of the spring steel wire.
Internally in the late 20th century with the development of high frequency induction heating power supply manufacturing, rapid induction heating for steel wire heat treatment provides a favorable condition. Early 20th century units such as Zhejiang University developed using dual-frequency heating power supply to low-alloy spring steel quenching and tempering, and since 2006 has built up over more than 10 production lines, and has achieved good results. The line of finished oil hardened and tempered spring steel wire. First of all, by means of induction heating steel austenite, followed by fuel injection quenching of wire into the box after cooling, entering the sensor heating to Tempering Tempering temperature, insulation into the water cooler, complete quenching and tempering. Spring wire production quality to meet the requirements.
Of what can be seen from the above, Spring wire induction quenched and tempered heat treatment can avoid many defects in quenched and tempered heat treatment has become a new way of heat treatment, greatly improving the quality of homemade spring steel wire will be progressively adapted to the domestic market for quality carbon spring steel and low-alloy spring steel demand.