Steel Plate By High Frequency Induction Heating Furnaces, Induction Heating Solution Treatment, What Are The Factors Affecting The Deformation Of The Plate?

Variants are more common heat treatment process of a heat treatment defects of the workpiece, not only affects the appearance of the workpiece and affect the life of the workpiece, therefore, is very important to understand the reason of deformation. Today, small series will give you all the steel plate by high frequency induction heating furnaces, induction heating the solution heat-treatment, what are the factors affecting the deformation of the plate
Due to the solution of austenitic stainless steel heating temperature is very high, steel plate in heating and cooling process prone to stress and deformation. How to keep shape and reduce the amount of deformation is an extremely important issue. By induction heating technology practice of solid-solution treatment, it is believed that there are several factors affecting the deformation of the plate.
(1) supporting roller spacing plate along the roller conveyor, heated roller spacing is too large, it will bend due to weight of the steel plate. Must therefore be properly designed supporting roller spacing. Of medium and thick steel plate at high temperature roller spacing should not be greater than 100mm. Roller spacing to ensure solution heat treated plate has a good shape.
(2) supporting rollers use heat-resistant roller material steel, requires not just the good performance of high temperature oxidation resistance not from the skin, requiring high strength at high temperature. Usually use heat-resistant steel 1Cr25Ni20Si2, 0Cr25Ni20, and so on, can withstand 1000-1500 ℃ high temperature effects.
(3) uniformity of induction heating heating and cooling of steel plate, plate gap should remain consistent with the Induction coil, in order to make a sheet metal heating temperature below, small amount of deformation of the plate. If clearance is inconsistent, a small gap side heating one side larger than the space temperature is raised, the resulting expansion of the different stress differences, resulting in deformation of the plate. Steel water spray cools, when on the plate below the cooling water pressure, water volume, while waiting for the uneven distribution of the water column, will also produce internal stress caused deformation of the plate. In order to guarantee the steel cools evenly, the first water jet nozzle position, hole diameter to evenly, then spray water pressure shall not be less than 0.3MPa, water supply mains water pressure should be 0.5-0.6MPa.
(4) the heating and cooling of steel plate clamping device under compressive stress should be used for heating and cooling. Clamping device roller compaction can be taken, without prejudice to the plate forward motion.
All in all, steel plate by high frequency induction heating furnaces, induction heating the solution processing, through the adoption of more comprehensive measures, will significantly reduce the deformation of the plate, for late-plate straightening to reduce burden.