Tube Furnace Controller

Tube Furnace Controller

1, electric stove does not require special installation, just flat on the floor or on the bench. The controller should be placed on the table, the tilting face of the table should not exceed 5 degrees. The minimum distance of the controller from the electric furnace shall not be less than 0.5 m. The controller should not be on the furnace, so as not to affect the normal operation of the controller.

2, connected to the controller and electric furnace power lines, switches and fuses of the load capacity should be slightly larger than the rated power furnace.

3, connect the left and right sides of the first controller housing, and then cover the change, such as the power cord.

Controller and electrical connection and thermocouple cable (preferably using compensation wire).

The thermocouple is inserted into the thermocouple to fix the valve seat hole in the furnace, the gap between the thermoelectric and the asbestos rope hole is blocked and then fixed.

(Note: the power and midline of this stage can not meet the safe operation, the controller and the electric furnace must be reliably grounded)

4, check the line and the correct power, first turn off the power switch, and then switch the switch on the controller panel to switch to the open position, adjust the set button, the temperature setting you need the degree, if you set the switch to the measurement position, take out a red Light (no), also has its share of contactor and sound absorption, electricity, ammeter indicating heating current value, furnace temperature slowly rising, temperature and work.

When the temperature rises to set the desired temperature, (no), the red light (yes), the power, stops warming. Later, when the furnace temperature drops slightly, the green light, the red light, the electric furnace, the automatic electricity. Again, achieve the goal of automatic control of the furnace temperature.

5, in order to check whether the accidental protection device is working properly, the method is: release thermocouple temperature measurement instructions quickly rose to the highest point is automatically cut off the heating power, accidentally broken device is good, after reset, you can work properly thermoelectric I.

Frit furnace (glass melting furnace) Uses:

Mainly used in ceramics, glass, enamel and other industry laboratory preparation frit, glass low temperature flux, enamel glaze and binding agent

Melting furnace (glass melting furnace) use:

 This section is a separate vertical melting furnace with a melting furnace, a funnel-type crucible placed in the furnace, with a good frit into the crucible directly from the top of the crucible at the bottom of a circular hole flow mouth, by A long stopper bar is sealed against the bottom of the crucible. Power heating, in the heating when the stopper rod in the pressure state (under its own gravity), and the flow hole sealing contact to ensure that the heating process is not leakage. After the heating is completed, pull the stopper up and start discharging. On the contrary, if the stopper is released, the flow is stopped; for different flow rates, short plugs of different diameters and sets of long stoppers can be used to control. When the temperature rises to the specified temperature, the frit into the molten state, from the bottom of the flow hole (the bottom of the crucible has a hole) automatically into the lower container.

 Frit furnace (glass melting furnace) Volume:

This volume is 1.6L (experimental), 5L, 10L, 18L, etc .