Tube Furnace Playing The Advantages And Disadvantages

  Tube Furnace Tube-type furnace are using the international advanced technology research and development of high-performance high-energy new electric furnace, a single tube, double tube, horizontal, open, vertical, single temperature, double temperature, Tube type furnace type. Mainly used in tertiary institutions, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises and other experiments and small batch production purposes. Safe and reliable, simple operation, high temperature control accuracy, good insulation effect, the temperature range, the furnace temperature uniformity, high temperature, optional atmosphere, vacuum furnace and so on.

You can select a single setpoint or 30-segment programmable controller. Energy-saving ceramic fiber materials and double-layer structure, the surface temperature can be reduced to room temperature. Length of the district is long, easy to operate, reliable sealing, comprehensive performance indicators in the leading domestic level. Furnace tube can choose to configure heat-resistant steel, quartz glass, ceramic tube and other materials.

   Tube Furnace advantage:

The process is mature;

Furnace structure is simple;

Easy to operate, easy to control, continuous production;

Ethylene, high yield of propylene, high product concentration;

Less power consumption, high thermal efficiency;

Most of the pyrolysis gas and flue gas can be managed to recover;

The scope of application of raw materials with the progress of the crack technology and the growing;

Can be multi-furnace combination and large-scale production.

   Tube Furnace Disadvantages:

(1) the applicability of heavy materials there is a certain limit

Cracking heavy raw materials, due to heavy raw materials easy to coke, it had to shorten the operating cycle, reduce the depth of cracking, often light focus, shorten the perennial effective production time, also affected the cracking furnace and furnace life. Reduce the results of the depth of cracking when the utilization of raw materials is not high, heavy crude oil and other low value of large quantities, public works costs are also increased.

(2) according to the high temperature short residence time and low hydrocarbon partial pressure process requirements, is bound to increase the surface heat intensity of the furnace tube, which requires oil-resistant alloy pipe and cast pipe technology.