Tube Furnace Recycle And Re-use

Tube Furnace recycle and re-use

1, now the domestic high-temperature tube furnace production process is more mature, tubular furnace design structure is relatively simple, very easy to operate and control, to uninterrupted production to greatly improve the efficiency of the work.

2, high temperature tube furnace operation when the output of ethylene and propylene high yield and high concentration, less energy consumption, but the resulting high thermal efficiency.

3, in the production process, most of the high-temperature tube furnace exhaust gas can be recycled, is conducive to energy conservation and environmental protection, you can also combine a large number of large-scale production. Special steel refractories for large and medium-sized blast furnace wire, slag line, iron ditch, swing groove and other parts. Requires resistance to erosion, erosion resistance, impermeability, good oxidation resistance, long life and easy construction.

  Unshaped refractory material is an important part of the high temperature furnace lining, which plays a vital role in the longevity of the high temperature furnace. In the high temperature furnace with amorphous refractory research we started earlier, and later through digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, technology continues to improve, and develop to a new level.

  Iron, slag ditch on the cover, is to prevent the iron, slag hot metal and slag splashing, hot air, smoke and dust spread out to reduce environmental pollution. Iron slag ditch cover dedicated refractory for the combination of domestic conditions, the use of chemical combination of ultra-fine powder production of low-cement steel fiber castable, performance to meet or exceed the technical requirements of similar products abroad.

  High temperature furnace hot air stove refractory material:

  Hot blast stove is the key equipment in the whole high temperature furnace system. The life of the hot blast stove has an important influence on the furnace age of the blast furnace. To improve the life of the hot blast stove, the choice of refractory bricks and refractory mud should be in addition to good fire Heat, masonry should also have a good overall structural strength, so that the sealing is good, good insulation. In the hot blast furnace refractory material selection, it is necessary to consider life, but also consider the cost. In the middle and lower part of the hot stove with clay brick and high alumina brick. In the upper part of the hot air furnace to take into account the high temperature, the use of silica bricks. Refractory mud selection and brick with a matching chemical composition, high temperature performance slightly higher grades corresponding. In the furnace shell and insulation lining between the choice of spray as a protective layer, to avoid the harmful ingredients on the furnace shell erosion, the specific choice may be based on the actual situation.

A high-temperature electric furnace is a heating device that converts the electric energy in the furnace into heat to heat the cargo.

Gas stove, fuel oil is a kind of equipment that uses kerosene and other fuel as a medium to heat the goods.

With the gas furnace, fuel furnace compared to the advantages of high temperature electric furnace are:

1, high temperature electric furnace atmosphere is more easily controlled by the user, or even pumped into a vacuum;

2, the goods heating speed, heating temperature is high, easy to control the temperature;

3, in the production process easier to achieve mechanization and automation;

4, good labor and health conditions;

5, higher thermal efficiency;

6, product quality is better and more environmentally friendly, for the increasingly serious environmental problems is a very good product.

7, easier to get high temperature.