United States Consisting Of Medium Frequency And High Frequency Induction Heating Equipment Of PC Steel Heat Treatment Production Line

High frequency induction heating equipment and intermediate frequency induction heating device is the most popular energy-saving environmental protection equipment, PC steel heat treatment can be. PC steel is widely used in daily life, their heat treatment production line of more is. Today, we simply talk about PC steel heat treatment production line.
PC reinforced (Prestressed concrete bar) is the abbreviation of prestressed reinforced concrete. Surface of the steel thread, good adhesion and concrete, steel bar diameter 7.1-13.5mm, from materials such as low carbon steel 20Si2Cr and is formed by induction hardening and tempering. Induction heat treatment production line includes pressure machines, induction heating, quenching and tempering Induction coil as well as straightening and cutting machines.
PC steel bar induction heating by intermediate frequency preheating, high-frequency final heating, hardening, if tempering process. Hardened steel should be YB/T 11,111,997 of the steel bars for prestressed concrete and GB/T 522,311,995 of the steel wire used for prestressed concrete requirements. Its tensile strength is generally above 1420MPa (JISG 313,711,994), the relaxation rate is below 2.5%. We simply say that United States steel heat treatment production line.
United States company (Inducto heat Inc.) recommends a set for working with architecture, piers, concrete pillars made of prestressed concrete steel bar induction hardening and tempering systems. This system can also be used to manufacture other concave rebar, wire, round steel rod. The entire system instead of using direct resistance heating for a final heating stages. Concave twisted steel after quenching and tempering reaches the SBPD110/125 and 130/145 properties.
This system handles diameter 6-12mm steel 35m/min speed feed, Preheat a medium frequency induction heating equipment, a new solid state high frequency induction heating device for quenching Zener finally heated, tempered with a medium frequency induction heating equipment. Prior to quenching temperature 940-950 ℃, tempering temperature 400 ℃. void protection system also has steel feed, corresponds to the feeding speed power control, and quenching fluid circulation system of circulating cooling water pumping stations. Only one interlock all the main functions of the control cabinet together.