Vacuum Drying Oven Provide High Temperature And Vacuum Environment

Vacuum Drying Oven Provide high temperature and vacuum environment

Vacuum drying oven is mainly composed of two major parts: vacuum oven and vacuum pump, the common vacuum pump is divided into hydraulic vacuum pump and water cycle vacuum pump, in the practical application of hydraulic vacuum pump because of its simple maintenance, easy operation, Area requirements of low characteristics, so most manufacturers in the vacuum oven to configure the vacuum pump are selected hydraulic vacuum pump. Vacuum oven and vacuum pump combination can give users a high temperature and vacuum environment, vacuum drying chamber cavity vacuum environment is generated by the vacuum pump. Vacuum pump and the box of the cavity with a rubber hose connected to open the vacuum pump can let the vacuum pump inside the cavity of the air into the air, so that the cavity inside the negative pressure. How much pressure can be observed, the user can observe the vacuum oven vacuum table, when the vacuum gauge pointer to achieve the required vacuum is to turn off the vacuum box on the vacuum valve, and then turn off the vacuum pump on it.

   Although the operation of the vacuum oven is simple and convenient, but in our actual process will always encounter the vacuum can not achieve the impact of failure test, today's Island Han industry engineers to talk about the failure of the solution. (This vacuum oven failure and solution for DZF series oven)

   Vacuum does not reach the cause:

   1, the vacuum pump did not start. First check the vacuum pump is powered; and then find the vacuum pump vacuum window observation window to observe whether there is vacuum oil, if there is no vacuum oil on the need to stop when the vacuum pump to the inside of the vacuum oil; Finally, look at the vacuum pump button switch is open. 2, the door sealed lazy leak. Vacuum oven door sealed silicone tape because of prolonged use after the aging, it can not and outside the glass door compression produced a gap, the failure can only contact the manufacturer to buy the same type of seal and then can be replaced. 3, vacuum box welding at the leak. Close the vacuum chamber door, open the vacuum pump to allow it to vacuum, and then use mineral water bottled soapy water in the vacuum drying box at the welding place squeezed soap bubbles to observe whether the soap bubble was sucked into the vacuum chamber inside the cavity inside. If so, on the use of argon welding welding here.

4, vacuum table failure. Vacuum table is not suitable for self-repair, it is recommended to replace the same type of pressure gauge. 5, hose, joint docking leak. With the same as the three, the use of soapy water to find the specific leakage point, if the problem is directly with the hose, if the hose you and metal joints dock leakage, you can use metal hoop card into the hose and metal Joints can be.