Vacuum Furnace How To Install The Electric Furnace Vacuum Furnace

Vacuum Furnace How to install the electric furnace vacuum furnace

How to install the electric furnace vacuum furnace

1, with reference to the drawings provided by the furnace layout, installation location and civil conditions, select the equipment installation site and civil construction. Installation site should be no smoke pollution, clean environment, dry air, should not be put together with other equipment, to keep room temperature 10-35 ℃, the ground smooth and smooth.

2, the installation of graphite heating elements and water-cooled electrode, it should be noted:

A. To take a graphite element to be extremely careful to prevent damage;

B. To reliably tighten the bolts to achieve good electrical contact, do not use too much force to avoid thread break.

3, according to the vacuum system diagram will be vacuum system positioning, assembly and connection with the furnace. Assemble the O-ring with a thin layer of vacuum grease, evenly tighten the flange.

4, according to the water cooling system diagram, the inlet pipe and drain were connected to the furnace inlet and outlet, to provide pressure 0.1-0.15MPa, the temperature is not less than 15 ℃, not higher than 30 ℃ water, it is recommended to provide circulating water , Rust-proof water.

5, to provide the pressure limit of 0.5MPa pneumatic gas source, available industrial nitrogen, such as compressed air, then bring their own pneumatic "three pieces" (such as oil mist, pressure reducer, water separator).

6, according to the back of the gas system diagram will be connected to the pipeline on the charge back, and the proposed purity of 99.99% -99.999% of the high purity nitrogen as a recharge gas.

7, according to the electrical wiring diagram of the power supply connected to the corresponding electrical contacts, check the power supply voltage, connecting the control box, power box and the furnace between the wire and cable.

8, the installation of the remaining parts, including the catheter, measuring instruments and so on.

9, the furnace and the control box are grounded, grounding resistance ≤ 4 Europe, instrumentation and vacuum gauge regulatory cable should also be grounded.

In the category of vacuum heat treatment equipment, vacuum hardening furnace is the most widely used and most representative of the typical equipment, it has the following characteristics:

1 strict vacuum seal It is well known that the vacuum heat treatment of the workpiece heating and quenching are carried out in a sealed vacuum furnace, so to ensure that the work of vacuum hardening furnace vacuum, to ensure the quality of parts vacuum heat treatment has a very important significance. In order to ensure the vacuum performance of the vacuum furnace, the furnace must be airtight welding, the above openings are small, in order to minimize the chance of vacuum leakage. Installed on the vacuum furnace parts, accessories such as water-cooled electrode, thermocouple export devices are also sealed structure.

2 Most of the heating and insulation materials can only be used in a vacuum state Vacuum quenching furnace heating and insulation lining is working in vacuum and high temperature, these materials have high temperature, low vapor pressure, good radiation effect, small thermal conductivity And other characteristics. Such as the existing domestic vacuum hardening furnace is mainly used for heating and thermal insulation materials, it is heated in the atmosphere is easy to oxidation, therefore, conventional heat treatment furnace can not use these heating and insulation materials.