Vacuum Furnace Mainly Used

Vacuum Furnace Mainly used

Vacuum sintering furnace is mainly used for metal powder products, metal injection products, carbide, ceramics, NdFeB, stainless steel non-woven fabrics such as sintering. High temperature vacuum sintering furnace and vacuum heat treatment furnace structure is basically the same, but according to the sintering process for appropriate changes. Vacuum sintering furnace is divided into double vacuum sintering furnace and single outdoor circulation pressurized air-cooled vacuum sintering furnace double vacuum sintering furnace has two identical sintering furnace, a common set of vacuum system and electrical control system; in operation, two Furnaces are used for heating and cooling, alternating with each other. The furnace has the function of degreasing, pre-sintering and sintering in the same furnace at one time. The degreasing system includes external piping, vacuum valves, condensers, collectors and mechanical pumps. Single outdoor cycle pressurized air-cooled sintering furnace to be equipped with high vacuum pumping speed of the vacuum unit, in order to meet the NdFeB sintering process requirements. The furnace structure is the same as the single-chamber external pressurized gas quenching vacuum furnace.

Today, we Jiajia electric furnace to the box in the box-type furnace to illustrate the specific situation. 1. Preparation before the opening ① Check the electrical control box whether there are tools or other conductive material, the furnace if the forgotten parts exist, should be promptly removed. ② check the electrical switch after closing the contact is normal. ③ check the temperature control instrument work is normal, and open its switch, so that it is working. 2. Open production ① the temperature automatic control instrument according to process requirements set temperature. ② will control the "handle" on the automatic control of the location of temperature. ③ cold furnace temperature, to warm the temperature after 2h can be loaded into the workpiece, continuous production, allowing continuous furnace. ④ workpiece in the furnace should be placed evenly, smooth, does not allow the workpiece and electric wire contact. ⑤ strictly in accordance with the procedures to operate. 3. Shut down the instrument switch, turn off the power switch. 4. Box-type resistance furnace operation Notes ① furnace temperature higher than 400 ℃, is not allowed to open the door heated. ② the maximum operating temperature does not exceed 950 ℃. ③ installed furnace can not be too large, causing the temperature should not be greater than 50 ℃. ④ Do not use too much force when the furnace, so as not to damage the bottom of the furnace. ⑤ often pay attention to the instrument and electrical control box electrical work is normal. ⑥ new installation or overhaul of the stove, decoration and then placed at room temperature for 2 to 3 days and nights, with electrical 500V megger look at the three-phase electric components to the ground (furnace shell) resistance should be greater than 0.5MΩ before power, and press The following process power supply baking. 100 ~ 200 ℃ 15 ~ 20h oven door open 300 ~ 400 ℃ 8 ~ 10h oven door open 550 ~ 600 ℃ 8h door closed 750 ~ 800 ℃ 8h door closed oven process will remove the shell cover, so puzzle The body of water vapor easy to shed. ⑦ new overhaul or newly installed stove after a month, should check the top of the cave at the top of the state, such as the collapse should be filled. 5. Box-type resistance furnace maintenance ① often pay attention to lining, resistance wire pallet brick, found damaged and timely repair. ② often check the case of electric wire, such as between the two found that the situation should be separated in time. ③ monthly check the resistance wire leads to the chuck tightening situation, remove the scale and tighten the chuck in time. ④ sweep the furnace every week, remove the oxide and lost in the furnace of the workpiece. ⑤ often check the use of lifting wire mesh doors and found that damage should be replaced in time.