Vacuum Furnace Maintenance

Vacuum Furnace Maintenance

Muffle stove and office furnaces are electrical or combustion materials for the heating of the amount of material in a national economy seventy-two widely used in the industrial heating process of tightening equipment.

The equipment involved in the wide range of professional and technical, resistance heating, induction heating, arc heating, infrared heating, plasma heating, microwave heating, electron beam heating, the product has more than a dozen categories, hundreds of varieties, thousands of whole Body series specifications, widely used in iron and steel industry, aerospace, defense industry, machinery industry and other areas of heat treatment, melting, forging, heating so that bonding, baking and other processes. The same time as the above-

Speaking of this year, the muffle furnace industry market needs to be still incandescent. With the rapid development of national science and technology and the opening of the domestic and foreign markets and the need to increase environmental protection, research and development of high-tech, environmental protection, energy saving and other heating facilities become urgent. In particular, special boron steel, new structural materials, new heat treatment process, continuous casting and rolling equipment market demand is very large.

Because the muffle furnace toward the environmental protection, energy-saving type of development, which also provided for the muffle furnace debugging and opportunities, if the adaptation of the progress should be appropriate, the market progress, the company will get a lot of economic activities, if poles apart May be out of date risk.

Maintenance of high temperature muffle furnace

1, the instrument should be placed in a dry and ventilated, non-erosive gas in the center, the task conditions temperature of 10-50 ℃, absolutely no more than 85% of the temperature.

2, for the protection of accurate measurement, the use of current dip meter calibration XMT temperature controller temperature meter, so as not to cause a greater error.

3, the current review of the whole hotline has been loose, the contactor can exchange excellent contact, the emergence of failure should be promptly repaired.

4, digital muffle furnace silicon carbide rod stove, found that silicon carbide rod protection, should change the specifications of the opposite case and the resistance value of the new silicon carbon rods. Replace the two ends of the cover and silicon carbon rod chuck, and then deposited into the protection of silicon carbon rods, because the silicon carbide rods easy to break, the device should be inadvertently, both ends of the furnace shell should be the same part of the folder The head must be fastened, so that good contact with the silicon carbon rod. If the chuck has a significant oxidation should be replaced. The gap at the device hole at both ends of the silicon carbide rod is blocked with a asbestos rope. The furnace temperature did not exceed the maximum mission temperature of 1350 ℃. Silicon carbon rods are the highest temperature agreed to successively 4 hours. In the box-type muffle furnace after the use of equal short time, such as anti-clockwise position conditioning heating power conditioning button to the maximum position, heating DC is still not to go. The extra value is farther away, reaching the required heating power, indicating that the silicon carbide rod has aged. At this time can be parallel to the silicon carbide rods in series, can continue to use. Is to change the connection without the need to assemble the silicon carbide rod, as long as the change method, Moreover, change the connection method, the application should pay attention to the rapid conditioning heating power conditioning button, heating DC value did not exceed the extra value.

1, when the box-type resistance furnace for the first time or long-term use after re-use, be sure to implement the oven. Oven time should be room temperature 200 ℃ four hours. 200 ℃ to 600 ℃ four hours. When used, the furnace temperature can not exceed the fixed temperature, so as not to burn the destruction of electric components. It is strictly forbidden to inject various liquids and easily dissolvable metal into the furnace. The resistance furnace is preferably below the maximum temperature of 50 ℃, and the furnace has a long life.

2, muffle furnace and the controller must be in the relative degree of wetness does not exceed 85 percent, there is no conductive dust, explosive gas or corrosive gas office office. Where any metal material with grease is required to be heated, there are a number of volatile gases that will affect and corrode the appearance of the heating element to destroy and reduce the life span. Because of this, the heating should be as early as possible to prevent and do a tightly closed containers or suitable openings to be removed.