Vacuum Furnace Requiring A Clean Working Environment

Vacuum Furnace Requiring a clean working environment

Vacuum furnace is a kind of industrial equipment for heat treatment, its energy saving, environmental protection, pollution and other characteristics favored by everyone. Because of this, we should be more love vacuum furnace, pay attention to maintenance. Xiaobian today to give you some of the vacuum furnace maintenance methods.

Vacuum furnace is an electronic device that requires a clean working environment, but in fact few manufacturers can do it. Fumes and dust more dust, and these fumes into the machine, will corrode the circuit board, although the factory has done a lacquer treatment, but a long time, the electronic components of the pin will produce leakage resistance, the vacuum furnace normal working condition, It is also necessary to affect the life of the vacuum furnace. Suggest the conditions of the harsh environment, it is best to install the exhaust fan, the smoke dust discharged to the outside, to avoid or enter as little as possible into the machine. But also regularly to the machine to clean the dust.

Summer vacuum furnace Note, summer, high temperature, humidity. If the vacuum furnace cooling water, the temperature is too low, will be inside the machine cooling water tank and high-frequency transformer transformer secondary coil condensation, humidity is particularly large there will be dripping phenomenon. Suggest a circulating water tank or pool, when the water temperature exceeds 30 degrees, without interruption into the cold water. If the machine temperature is too high, but also consider the installation of fans, increase heat dissipation. Winter temperature is low, the cooling water is easy to freeze, especially the vacuum furnace work during the day and night does not work, vacuum furnace cooling water is not timely emptying, it is easy to freeze the machine, the general high-frequency transformer transformer secondary damage more. Maintenance up more time and effort, to the site maintenance but also by the tools, equipment, site restrictions, generally only return to the original maintenance. Solution, high-frequency furnace to stop working, timely emptying the machine to retain the circulating water, or add a timer device, so that the circulating pump intermittent work, I have to install a lot of customers, the effect is very good.

Vacuum furnace through the automatic control can improve the operating efficiency, and effectively reduce energy consumption, to achieve green, is a very practical industrial equipment.

Vacuum furnace automation control implementation, significantly reducing the energy consumption, easing the pressure of energy consumption. Automatic control system to promote the coordinated operation of the vacuum furnace, the various sub-systems in a positive state of cooperation to improve the efficiency of energy use, to promote the vacuum furnace in high efficiency, high-quality operating environment, combustion energy and heat conversion between , Through the automation system to control the temperature and time, to achieve the goal of energy saving and environmental protection requirements.

Green manufacturing is a vacuum furnace automation control of environmental projects, to reduce energy to the thermal energy conversion process of pollutants, waste, so that the full use of energy to solve the vacuum furnace and the environment conflict. Vacuum furnace green manufacturing, and green natural to keep pace with the development of the state to promote energy conservation at the same time, clean up the discharge of pollutants, promote the development of green furnace green, and China's energy sustainable development in harmony. Green manufacturing practice, to improve the automation control in the vacuum furnace application, pay more attention to environmental protection, energy-saving operation control.