GC Type SiC Heating Element

GC Type SiC Heating Element
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SiC Heating Element
SiC heating element is one type of ceramic heating elements, which use six-party high purity green SiC powder as the main raw material. Silicon is recrystallized less than 2200℃ high temperature to form finished materials. The using temperatures up to 1450℃ under oxidation atmosphere, and constant working life up to 2000 hours. It is widely used in various high temperature electric furnaces and other electric heating devices, such as in the industries of magnet, ceramics, powder metallurgy, glass, metallurgy and machinery etc.

1. Selecting high purity green SiC powder, to ensure best foundation for top quality.
2. SiC tube is extruded by 500T press machine, to ensure high density uniform through whole length.
3. Excellent resistance rate between heat zone and cold zone, to avoid over-temperature of cold zone to damage furnace body.
4. Special technology to spread a protect film on the surface of hot zone, which enhance the Antioxidant property evidently and lengthen the service life.

GC type:
which is also named dumbbell bar or bludgeon



Note: when ordering, please indicate the following data:
●  Outer diameter (OD)
●  Length of Hot zone (HZ)
●  Length of Cold zone (CZ)
●  Resistance (at 1050C +/-50C)

Providing adaptable clamps and aluminum braids according to the diameter of SiC heating elements: 





SiC super heating elements Electric Characters


SiC super heating elements has a greater specific resistance. When it is heated in air by electrifying until surface temperature of hot zone reaches 1050℃±50℃, its resistivity  will be in the range of 600-1400mm2/M. The resistance of SiC super heating element changes with increasing temperature. From room temperature to 800℃, the curve of resitance-temperature is negative value and turns positive when the temperature is above 800℃.

SiC heating elements Surface load


Surface load=rated power/surface area of hot zone (W/cm2)
The surface load has great relation with service life of the SiC super Heating Elements. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the surface load within the limit range when heating. Overload is not permitted.
Given surface temperature of hot zone corresponding to furnace temperature, the allowed unit surface load of hot zone is as the above chart.SiC super Heating Elements 

The affection of atmosphere to SiC heating elements
The atmosphere inside the furnace has great affection to the service life of the SiC heating elements. During working, the SiC heating elements (SiC elements) is oxidized gradually and produce SiO2 which seperates SiC crystals. So the local zone resistance increases and the volume expends until SiC element break down.
SiC heating elements (SiC elements) can work (1450℃) continuously for 7000 hours in the dry and pure air.